Shooting Incident results in arrest of two adult males



Bellevue, PA, February 22, 2018– A shooting incident occurred on Shiloh Ave and progressed to Kendall Avenue. The target of the original shooting on Shiloh Ave is believed to be a home on Gilliland Pl. The suspects were seen pulling up to Shiloh Ave on Irwin Avenue in a gray Ford. Three actors fired at a car parked near the target residence. The two passenger side suspects were firing handguns and it is believed that the driver or a 4th occupant was firing a rifle, possibly an AK47 style weapon.

The shooting continued toward Kendall Avenue and we believe with one vehicle pursuing the other. At some point, the actors exited their vehicles and fled on foot. Three males, two adults, and one juvenile were apprehended along Kendall Ave. following foot pursuits. The two adult males, Brandon Humphrey (19) and Suede Goodwin (18) of Pittsburgh, 15214 are both charged in connection with the shooting on Shiloh Avenue.

Upon processing the scene numerous shell casings were discovered, including both rifle and pistol cartridges. Two homes were struck by stray bullets and slugs were recovered from inside the residences. Two vehicles were recovered from the scene and will require further processing to recover evidence. It is unknown what circumstances triggered this shooting or if it is gang or drug-related. We will release details concerning motive or affiliation once we learn of any

Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 12:00am
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