Cooperation during Winter Weather Conditions


The Bellevue Borough Public Works Department and Fire Department have reported conditions that are making it difficult and hazardous for them to complete their jobs.

One issue concerns vehicles being parked more then 12 inches from the curb.  We realize the build up snow and ice are making parking difficult, but vehicles still must comply with the 12-inch law.  Trucks equipped with snow plows and fire trucks are not able to navigate streets if vehicles are parked into the travel lane.  (Pa Vehicle Code §3354(a)&(b))

A second issue for the DPW are residents and contractors shoveling snow into a public street.  People are reminded that shoveling snow into the street is against the law and creates a hazardous condition.  (Pa Crimes Code §5503(a)(4)).

The Borough of Bellevue asks for your cooperation to ensure the safety of all and ensure the departments can complete their jobs safely and thoroughly.

Thank you,

Chief Sentner