Don't be Skimmed!

ALERT.....  Reports of skimming are on the rise in the area, specifically ATM machines.  As technology advances, devices become more sophisticated and in some cases undetectable by the user/victim.  Credit card and debit card users should be observant when using any machine for signs that it has been tampered with, altered or does not function properly (i.e. provides error, card doesn’t feel right or enter machine normally, etc). 

If you feel the machine, gas pump or any other device looks or acts suspicious, contact the business or bank associated with the machine immediately.  If you completed a transaction at a machine that is determined to obtain a skimming device, immediately contact your bank to report this security breach.

Below are some online articles about skimming and the various devices being used by criminals.

How do they work:

What are skimmers:

Stay safe,

Bellevue PD Crime Prevention