When the founders of Bellevue laid the plans for residential and commercial structures very few vehicles existed.  Today most homes have two-family vehicles and many of the larger homes have been converted into apartments adding any number of vehicles.  This has created a very congested on-street parking issue. 

The same is true for the commercial areas of the town.  What was once a thriving local foot traffic business district has turned into big business with large delivery trucks and high-volume vehicle flow.  This requires not only strategic parking planning but adherence to laws and ordinances. 

Enforcement of parking is not intended to be punitive but to ensure safety for pedestrians, ensure emergency vehicles have unimpeded access to every area of the Borough including all fire hydrants and allow for services such as street cleaning and utility work. 

We understand that sometimes it’s an inconvenience to park a distance and walk to your destination.  Your cooperation is appreciated and assists in keeping the community safe and functioning. 

Thank you for working with us,

Bellevue PD