Per West View Water the streets listed below will have a disruption in water service for 4 to 5 hours tomorrow (Friday) and Monday.  

Friday 4/3:     North Euclid from Teece to Clarion

Monday 4:     North Harrison from Teece to Maple

The link below provides up to date information regarding the number of positive COVID-19 patients.  Today's update is indicating two confirmed patients in Bellevue.  The name and location of the infected people will not be listed.  We knew we would have infected people within our community and that number is going to grow.  It is more important than ever that we follow the guidelines and DO NOT panic.  The message we've been pushing is, BE SMART, avoid contact and practice the recommended hygiene techniques and you red

The link below is for any business believing they should be exempt from closure to submit a request to the Department of Community and Economic Development.

Dear Valued Waste Management Customers,