Keep Your Cars Locked At ALL Times!




Castle Shannon Police took multiple complaints of vehicles being entered overnight over the weekend.

This falls on the heels of similar reports out of Mt Lebanon at the end of last week.

We made one arrest this morning, but it is suspected that there are multiple suspects involved.

Please lock your vehicles at all times. Please remove valuables from your vehicles, even when they are in your driveway.

These are crimes of opportunity.

Thieves prey on areas where residents feel safe enough to leave their homes and vehicles unlocked.

Remove the opportunity

Lock your vehicles.

If you have any video of thieves loitering around your property at night, please forward them to CSPD.

Please consider multiple vendors who offer inexpensive video and lighting systems to protect your property.

Kenneth M. Truver, Chief of Police - Castle Shannon Borough, 3310 McRoberts Rd, Castle Shannon, Pa 15234 - (412) 885-9300 x110 - (412) 885-9252 FAX - - FBINA Session 225

Monday, December 4, 2017 - 12:00am