June 22, 2018

The Castle Shannon Police Department announces its new Police Trading Card program.  The goal of this community outreach initiative is to strengthen relationships between CSPD officers (and staff) and the youth in our community.  We get to meet our youngest citizens and they get to meet us!  Participating officers carry their own personal trading cards with them as they work.  Each trading card has a photo of the officer or staff member along with a short biography on the back.  Cards are numbered 1-18 so that kids can keep track of which ones they need to complete their collection.  School-aged children are encouraged to participate.  Children should look for CSPD officers who are working and ask them for their card.  It is important that children only approach officers when they are not actively involved in a police call or activity such as a car stop, interviewing witnesses, or directing traffic.  Children and their families are also welcome to stop into the station to see who is working.

In addition to our Uniformed Patrol Staff, there are cards for the Borough Mayor, Administrative Assistant, Parking Enforcement Officer and our Canine Officer.

To help everyone get to know our dedicated officers, we announce an Officer of the Week each Monday on the CSPD website and Facebook page.  Even though we’re highlighting an individual officer each week, kids can collect cards from any of our staff throughout the program. 

Children who collect all 18 cards can receive prizes:

An official CSPD water bottle and a special limited edition CSPD Challenge Coin (limited to first 100 collectors).

When kids have reached a prize level, stop into the station lobby and ask for a supervisor to collect the prize.  Make sure when stopping in that kids bring their cards to show the supervisor and to tell us what your favorite cards are!

Castle Shannon Police Department would like to thank Natalia Dove for her incredible photography skills and Officer Dan Janeda for coordinating this program!

Our Officer of the week for Monday June 25, 2018 is Officer Dan Janeda - Card #01.





Friday, June 22, 2018 - 12:00am