No Trespassing of Any Kind

Unwanted Canvassers

Castle Shannon Borough employs an ordinance under Chapter 13 Part 2 Sub Section 201 which states in part that “it shall be unlawful for any person to . . . solicit contributions for funds from the general public . . . without first applying for and obtaining a solicitor’s permit.”

In 2006 there was case law in PA which struck down ordinances in local Municipalities which restricted “canvassing for political, religious or other purposes” outside soliciting goods or services.

What that means in Castle Shannon, is that anyone soliciting funds and/or selling goods or services door to door, to include cable television, electrical suppliers, etc., should be displaying a solicitor’s permit, issued by Borough Administration. If they do not display the permit or do not produce one after your request to see a permit, please dial 9-1-1 and report the violation to police.

If the person at your door is canvassing or distributing literature only, there is little Borough Officials can do to restrict their actions.

You have the right to deny canvassers, solicitors or trespassers access to your property, by placing a sign in a prominent place. If the solicitor/canvasser violates your posted sign, they can be prosecuted under the Commonwealth Trespassing statute.

We have included an example of a sign. Please feel free to click on sample sign and cut out to display or you may pick up a window cling at the Borough Administration Office, 3310 McRoberts Road, Castle Shannon, PA 15234.