Children and adults/people they do not know...

On the morning of 10-5-17  Castle Shannon Police received 2 separate and different reports of young children being approached by someone they didn’t know.

The first incident occurred on Monday morning 10-2-17, but wasn’t reported until 10-5-17. The event occurred near Rte 88 and Grove Rd. In that incident a child reported that a man who works nearby (as known to the child who sees him and his vehicle often) offered the child a ride to school. The child found this odd and told a parent, who reported to police. CSPD has identified the male in the incident. There is no evidence that anything criminal occurred. The child was praised for bringing the matter to the attention of adults.

The second incident involves a child walking to the bus stop near the Borough building. That child reports that a male in his 30’s was walking behind him and appeared to be carrying a plastic shopping bag. The child perceived that the male was going to place the bag over his head, so he ran away. The male never said anything to the child, did not touch the child and did not follow the child when he ran.

CSPD identifies this male this morning and there is no evidence that anything sinister was afoot.

At this time, there is no evidence that the incidents are related or that any child in the Borough is in danger.

Children should continue to be encouraged to bring incidents involving suspicious vehicle, people and circumstances to the attention of their parents and/or responsible adults. Adults receiving such information are encouraged to bring these matters to the attention of the local police department.

An article on personal safety from the National Crime Prevention Council follows:

Kenneth M. Truver, Chief of Police