Declaration of Disaster Emergency

Castle Shannon, PA --
The Borough of Castle Shannon this afternoon joins 41 neighboring municipalities in Allegheny County in Declaring a Disaster Emergency in light of the COVID-19 Health Pandemic.
The action follows increasing messaging from the Federal Government, the Pennsylvania Governor’s office and Allegheny County Officials about social distancing and staying at home, as an affirmative action plan, to thwart the spread of this very contagious virus.
We join every other level of government with social distancing messages. There have been suggestions, pleadings, warnings and now orders… Stay Home if at all possible. The only reason you should be out is to accomplish a life sustaining activity. Shopping for food, going to a doctor or pharmacy, going to work, or having another compelling reason.
Violations will be handled on a case by case basis, but all officials at all levels of government are looking for voluntary compliance first.
These increased measures are in direct response to the lack of compliance with previous messaging and an increase in the number of positive cases statewide in the Commonwealth.
Please stay calm, stay safe and Stay Home.
Kenneth M. Truver
Chief of Police
Castle Shannon Borough
3310 McRoberts Rd
Castle Shannon, Pa 15234
(412) 885-9300 x110
(412) 885-9252 FAX
Please see the Declaration Document here: