Dear Residents,
There have been recent postings on regional social media forums about Solicitors/Canvassers in the Borough of Castle Shannon.
The Borough endeavors to legislate, to the best of our ability, codes that enhance quality of life for our residents and business owners.
Unfortunately, case law sets some parameters on our ability to restrict activities that some may find intrusive or annoying.
Recently a soliciting entity challenged the Borough’s ability to set time restrictions on solicitors. There have been other entities who challenged some of our peer communities about requirements for permits.
While the Borough explores options for continued compelled compliance with our codes, there are some actions you can take to protect your own property and peace of mind.
Courts have held that POSTING signs on personal property is a less restrictive way to deter solicitors than having the local government try to restrict their ability to conduct business or canvass, to distribute messages or materials.
To that end, we have constructed a sample sign which you can download/print for your own use. The sign should be posted conspicuously so that any trespasser/canvasser/solicitor would see it before they approach your door.
If a violator were to ignore the sign, a call to 9-1-1 would summon police so that we may address the violations.
As always, suspicious activity, vehicles and persons should be brought to our attention by calling 9-1-1.
If you see something….Say something!
Kenneth M. Truver
Chief of Police
Castle Shannon Borough
3310 McRoberts Rd
Castle Shannon, Pa 15234
(412) 885-9300 x110
(412) 885-9252 FAX
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