Superbowl Weekend- There are no winners when you drink and drive.


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Super Bowl Sunday   

 DUI - There are no winners...

(January 29, 2019) - Harrisburg, PA -Super Bowl Sunday has grown into a national holiday of sorts with millions of fans celebrating the pinnacle of the National Football League's season with parties and adult beverages. Unfortunately, this celebration also leads to an increase in impaired driving and associated crashes. Fans need to be responsible and plan ahead for the big day so that their season doesn't end on a tragic note.

           The Pennsylvania State Police Uniform Crime Reporting system shows that law enforcement officers made over 3,400 impaired driving arrests during February of 2018; many of those arrests occurred during Super Bowl weekend - February 2 - February 4. Motorists are urged to utilize sound judgement and to plan accordingly - there is never an excuse for impaired driving.

Police officers across the Commonwealth will be out looking for impaired drivers during the upcoming Super Bowl enforcement period. Increased patrols along with other means of detection and apprehension of impaired drivers will be employed throughout the State to ensure the safety of all motorists traveling on Pennsylvania's highways and traffic ways.

C. Stephen Erni, Executive Director of the PA DUI Association addressed the upcoming weekend: "The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the country and is celebrated by many fans regardless of who is competing in the game. Drinking establishments host various events and many fans throw parties; unfortunately, these functions often lead to impaired drivers on our highways. Throw in prescription medications or illicit drugs and the problem becomes even bigger. Bartenders, establishment employees and party hosts need to pay attention to their guests and make sure to arrange alternate transportation for those individuals who appear impaired. We at the Pennsylvania DUI Association hope all fans enjoy the game and have a safe, memorable weekend."

The Pennsylvania DUI Association would direct members of the public to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board website - - for additional information about alcohol and its effects on a person. Individuals prescribed medication are encouraged to consult with their physician / pharmacist concerning the medication(s) potential for impairment and interaction with alcohol. A little prior planning and personal responsibility can eliminate impaired driving and the senseless tragedies associated with it.

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