Water will be available at the Castle Shannon Volunteer Fire Department starting at 3 PM today. BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINER PLEASE.

Castle Shannon is under a boil water alert until further notice.

The Lights at Rte 88 and Grove Rd are functioning properly.

The traffic signals are on flash in Castle Shannon at Rte 88 and Grove Rd.

This is a heavily traveled area.

Please avoid the area.

Technicians have been notified.

Utility workers struck a Verizon line in the 3800 block of Library Rd (Rte 88).

Workers will be affecting traffic through rush hour and into the evening both north and southbound on Rte 88 near Castle Shannon Blvd.

In addition to the summer road resurfacing being undertaken by the Borough on some of side streets, we have several other road projects coming up in the Borough in coming weeks:

Most power has been restored. Most streets have reopened. Most downed lines have been reported. Rte 88 traffic signals are functioning. If you have lines down or power out, please call Duquesne Light. Stay away from areas of downed power lines. Report emergencies or safety hazards by calling 911. Report major damage to CSPD by email for archiving and submission of reports to Allegheny County Emergency Management.

The strong storm that came through Castle Shannon at approx 3pm took down large trees and branches and also power lines.

Power is out in the are of Willow, Baldwin and Cooke Dr.

Traffic signals are out on Rte 88 from Rockwood to Castle Shannon Blvd and the area should be avoided if at all possible.

Duquesne Light is notified and working in the area.

250 Mt Lebanon Blvd suffered heavy water damage. Restoration crews are working to determine source/origin.

Downed wires or other hazards should be reported by calling 911.

CSPD has been notified that some residents have received fraud calls from a scammer/spammer claiming to be Duquesne Light. The typical call involves a threat to shut off your power unless you make a payment immediately by CC or Debit Card.

The call appears to be from Duquesne Light and even provides the real Duquesne Light call back number.

Please do not fall for this scam.

The first Tuesday in August is set aside to celebrate National Night Out.