No Trespassing of Any Kind

Unwanted Canvassers

Castle Shannon Borough employs an ordinance under Chapter 13 Part 2 Sub Section 201 which states in part that “it shall be unlawful for any person to . . . solicit contributions for funds from the general public . . . without first applying for and obtaining a solicitor’s permit.”

In 2006 there was case law in PA which struck down ordinances in local Municipalities which restricted “canvassing for political, religious or other purposes” outside soliciting goods or services.

Parking Permit Application

Some areas in Castle Shannon require a parking permit to park on the street. Complete the attached application and return to Castle Shannon Police Department, 3310 McRoberts Road. If you are renting, a signed copy of the lease and a photo ID are required along with the application. If a lease is not available proof of the car's registration to the Castle Shannon address is required. If you have any questions please call 412-885-9300, ext 111.