Lock Your CAR Doors!

Before you exit your vehicle make sure to put your windows up, hide your belongings from view, take your keys with you and LOCK your car doors. Please help the Police by doing these small things to help deter criminals. There is also a camera registry if you would like to add your information for future incidents (under the forms tab). By having a front porch light and a visible address the Police can locate your house quicker in an emergency. Remembering to do these things can be the difference between your items/vehicle being stolen. PLEASE CALL 911 if your vehicle was broken into or if you see anyone suspicious. Your eyes help incredibly but posting to Facebook will not make the Police aware. Letting the Police know your vehicle was broken into can help create a a travel pattern. Remember you can always call 911 anonymously. So PLEASE CALL 911 no matter what and lock your car doors.