Bellevue Police Department Administrative Office ~ 537 Bayne Avenue ~ Bellevue, PA 15202 ~ 412-766-7400 ~ Mon through Friday 8am to 4pm 


  • Copies of Police Reports - Police Reports are $20.00 each and may be obtained by submitting a request in person, by phone or by mail.  Walk-in requests can be made during regular business hours (see hours above).  Police Report Request Form is located below.  Victims will not be charged for copies of their own reports.

  • Dumpster Permits - Dumpster permits are required when placing a dumpster on a borough street.  Permits are $5.00 per day for each day the dumpster will remain on the street.  If no parking signs are needed to block spaces for the dumpster then there is an additional fee of $30.00 for a parking permit. Dumpster Permit Request Form is located below.

  • Parking Permits - Parking Permits are $30.00 per permit for up to 5 No Parking signs.  Each additional sign is $1.25.  Please note: The borough has an ordinance which requires No Parking signs to be posted 24 hours before they are enforceable.  Permits may be obtained at the Police Department Administrative Office during regular business hours (see hours above).  Parking Permit Request Form is located below.

  • Residential Parking Permits - Residential Parking Permits are $10.00 per year, renewable at the beginning of each year.  Residential Parking Permit holders may only park in the provided permitted spaces in Municipal Lot #2 and on South Balph Avenue.  Residential Parking Permits Request Forms is located below. 

  • Drug Drop-Box - We have a Drug Drop-Box for unused or expired prescription and non-prescription drugs located in the lobby of the police department which is accessible during our regular business hours (see hours above).  No needles accepted. 

  • Vacation or Temporary Disabled Vehicle Notices - Residents that need to have their vehicle parked on a borough street on street sweeping day may call up to 2 times per street sweeping season (April 1st to November 30th) to alert us that they will be away on vacation or have a disabled vehicle.  This will not prevent ticketing, however if a ticket is issued and you called ahead, we will take your ticket back.  All you need to do is call us with the ticket number and we will gladly dismiss your ticket. Our phone number is 412-766-7400.

  • State Crash Reports:  Copies of State Crash reports are $15.00 per report.


PDF icon Police Report Request FormPDF icon Parking Permit Request FormPDF icon Residential Parking Permit Request FormPDF icon Dumpster Permit Request Form