It has become noticeable that younger children are riding bicycles and smaller wheeled toys on the streets.  This is very dangerous and much more so for children under the age of 10.  There are some factors that increase the risk of serious injury the most obvious is a child emerging between two parked vehicles.  A passing vehicle has no stopping time when a child passes into the street from an area the driver cannot see.  

The second factor is a driver cannot see below the hood of their vehicle for a distance and this is more so for larger vehicles and trucks.  A small child on a small bicycle or toy may not be visible to the driver.  

Police, fire, and EMS personnel are not fond of vehicle and pedestrian accidents and will tell you that any call involving a child is heartbreaking.  Please help us prevent these horrific events by helping keep kids in safe areas this summer.  

A bicycle safety flyer is attached in a PDF to give some guidelines on how to keep your child protected on their bicycle.  

Thank you and have a safe summer,

Chief M. Sentner

PDF icon kidsandbikesafety.pdf