Obi-Wan Kenobi, You’re Our Only Hope!

Well not so much, but that got your attention didn’t it!  Don’t believe we will need to use the FORCE to ride this one out but a little distance might be the ticket!  We will continue to push the CDC message of social distancing as the preferred method to kill this virus.  In keeping with the Star Wars theme, police, fire and EMS personnel may start to look like Darth Vader if they need to come into your homes, no fear, they are not working for the empire….still the same normal people behind the mask! 

Just made a canvas of the Borough and all is well.  I started at Kuhns Market and they have plenty of goods.  Looks like the bakers are working overtime, milk farmers still working the cows and the butchers were hard at work behind the window.  Oh, chicken is also in full stock. 

Businesses that are permitted to be open are all operational, including the hardware store, dollar stores, and over the counter food and takeout.  It appeared the banks were taking on some extra business yesterday and will probably be busy again on Monday, so allow some extra time if planning to do some financial business.  

Speaking of finances, TAX DAY for Federal filing is now July 15th!  All those last-minute filers just got a three-month buffer.  Sorry, the taxman will never go away…..he’s just going to take a little nap! 

On a very important note to many….beer is still being sold in Bellevue!  Bellevue Beer and Shadeland Beer haven’t disappeared and are open for business.  Go get some meat, grab a case and fire up the grill!

Mayor Murburger received a question regarding street sweeping which is scheduled to begin on April 1st.  She has directed that the sweeper still operate to ensure areas that can be cleaned are cleaned.  We understand that vehicles cannot be moved around and we will not be enforcing any street sweeping ordinances until this state of emergency is lifted. 

We will take a much need break from social media tomorrow (Sunday) and return with an update on Monday.  In the meantime, submit questions through the Crimewatch system or email us directly (contacts listed on the page).  We will address questions on the Monday news post. 

Keep your distance and stay well….

Bellevue Strong!