It brings back memories of being grounded as a kid…..do your homework and go to your room.  We hope everyone is finding new ways to enjoy being grounded! 

Bellevue is hanging tough, no major incidents and our latest information, no known cases of COVID-19.  That does not mean it isn’t here and not been reported. 

Regarding the Governor’s order, people are asking questions about how law enforcement will enforce a stay at home order.  Simple answer, we will not.  What we will do is encourage people to stay in their homes unless doing your essential daily activities, i.e. shopping, doctor visit, and work if permitted.   The message we want to spread is BE SMART! Do not put yourself or others at risk by ignoring the recommendation of social distancing and proper hygiene. 

We have to remember how our community is structured.  We are a one square mile town with 8000+ residents and any number of visitors.  We are a welcome mat for the COVID-19 virus.  If we were to witness a community spread it will happen rapidly if we ignore the CDC guidelines and the directives by our State Health Department. 

We understand the frustrations of the community and the economic impact it is having and will have on the lives of many.  We are a resource to reach out to, especially if you are experiencing a physical or mental crisis.  If we can’t answer your questions we will make every effort to point you in the right direction. 

Regarding the community, businesses that can operate seem to be making it work.  Kuhns Market has created a shopping hour for seniors and persons with disabilities and compromised immune systems.  The days and times are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 am until 9 am.  We strongly encourage anyone not fitting these criteria please avoid the area while these people gather their necessary items. 

Attached are some important documents for business owners and some recommendations on cleaning and laundry to kill bacteria and viruses.

As always stay well!

Bellevue Strong