Burglaries and stolen vehicles



Good afternoon: 

We want to advise our residents that we have responded overnight home burglaries where the actors are entered and subsequently stole car keys and then the vehicles.  At this time, we have received calls from East Garden Road, Jacobson Drive, and Hillpert Street.  Our investigation into this matter is ongoing and we are currently following leads.  If anyone has surveillance cameras on their property and captured suspicious activity, we request that you contact us.   

We encourage everyone to be vigilant and to:

  •   Secure/lock all windows even if on a 2nd floor or above a normal persons reaching height.
  •   Secure all vehicles and keep items of value out of plain sight.
  •   Install exterior lighting or motion activated lighting to you residence.  
  •   Install security cameras.

Thank you

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 - 12:00am

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