Parking and Parking Permits

As an older community, Brentwood has a more limited supply of public parking than the newer, lower-density suburbs. Some portions of the community were constructed in an era in which the streetcar was the primary form of transportation; others were built during a time when most middle class families had just one automobile. As many modern families have come to own three or more vehicles, residents have been forced to park a greater number of cars on municipal streets. All too often, these individuals have ignored parking restrictions and have stored their cars in fire lanes or with two or more wheels on public sidewalks. Brentwood Police are cracking down on parking code violations and will be heavily targeting the streets that have a history of offending motorists.

In our Brownsville Road business district, Brentwood Borough operates a set of parking meters to control access in this busy corridor. Please adhere to the rates and enforcement hours that are posted on each meter. Our Parking Enforcement staff works diligently to ensure that motorists properly store their vehicles in these metered spaces.

Brentwood Borough makes every effort to ensure that senior citizens can remain mobile even as they age. Our officers continuously canvass Borough streets to prevent unregistered motorists from illegally procuring handicapped spaces. If you have a disability and would like to apply for a handicapped placard from the State of Pennsylvania, please complete the PDF form below. If you would like to inquire about attaining a handicapped parking space in front of your residence, please see the below attachment for a form from our Department of Building Inspection/Code Enforcement.  

We also have Residential Permit Parking Areas.  Our current permit parking areas are sections of Radisson Road, Dailey Road, Windsor Way, and Churchview Avenue.  Please click here to see the permit areas.  NOTE--they are in Red.  If you live in these areas, please see the below attachment for permit applications.

Lastly, per ordinance commercial vehicles are not permitted in residential areas.  If you do have a commercial vehicle and you do not have an off-street parking location, you can apply for a commercial vehicle parking permit.  To apply, please see the below attachment.  

PDF icon application_for_handicapped_parking_space.pdfPDF icon PERSON WITH DISABILITY PARKING PLACARD APPLICATIONPDF icon parkingpermitapplication2017.pdf