Pawnbrokers and Antique Dealers

The rapid growth of secondhand stores in America has provided financially struggling citizens with quick access to cash; simultaneously, it has offered bargain hunters an array of new options for finding antiques or discounted big ticket items. While the majority of pawnbrokers and antique dealers are honest, reputable business owners, some clients use these shops to unload stolen or counterfeit merchandise. To prevent crime in our community and to increase the odds that victims of theft will recover missing items, the Brentwood Police Department requires all secondhand retailers to apply for an annual operating license and to maintain a standardized record of transactions.

By 10AM on each Tuesday, pawnbrokers and antique dealers must supply the department with a detailed description of all acquired items, as well as identifying information about the seller of each good. Secondhand vendors may not dispose of any antiques, precious metals, precious stones, or coins until thirty (30) days after acquisition. A seven day waiting period is required before the selling of any other merchandise. If you are interested in opening a secondhand shop in our community, please complete the form below to begin the license application process.   

PDF icon application_for_pawnbroker_or_antique_dealer_license0.pdf