Chief's Message


 Dear residents and visitors to the Castle Shannon Police Department webpage:

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and for your interest in the Castle Shannon Borough Police Department. 

The CSPD, under authority of Mayor Baumgarten employs 14 sworn police officers and 2 civilians under the direction of a sworn Chief of Police. 

Our goal is to keep information up to date and dynamic, so residents can obtain current and relevant information pertaining to public safety efforts.

In addition to a weekly crime blotter, where residents are able to view recent arrests and crime activity in and around their neighborhoods and businesses, we have links to, an interactive mapping site, which provides visual aids to alert residents about criminal activity and enforcement efforts. 

The site also provides for “Important Links” where residents are able to obtain resources to assist them in their search for information about other law enforcement agencies and activities, as well as information about safety and security concerns.

Finally, in our effort to provide for community interaction and input, we offer interactive web links, where visitors to the site may offer anonymous crime tips or complaints/concerns about traffic safety issues. 

It is a continued goal of our agency to solicit input and suggestions from residents and business owners for ideas about how we can serve your interests. We invite your participation and welcome your ideas. 

My contact information is listed below.

Kenneth M. Truver
Chief of Police
Castle Shannon Borough
3310 McRoberts Rd
Castle Shannon, Pa 15234
(412) 885-9300 x110
(412) 885-9252 FAX