SafeKids - Car Seat Safety






Car Seat Installs and Checkups are done by appointment only.

The Castle Shannon Police Department is pleased to announce that we have 2 officers certified to install and inspect Child Car Safety Seats.

Officers Dan Janeda and Mike Kalas are certified through SafeKids.

During an inspection Officers will ask that parents/guardians provide basic information to assist them.

  • Parent name and contact information
  • Age of the child for whom the seat is being fitted/installed
  • How many seats are being installed
  • Seat Manufacturer and manual
  • Vehicle make, model and manual
  • Seat history, age , etc..

For this reason, the officers prefer to make visits by appointment, so that they have time to contact the requestor and coordinate.

This event is intended to be  an educational experience for all involved. The officers will check the seat and instruct participants about proper installation.

Please plan on at least 30 minutes for the appointment.

Additionally, the officers will make every effort to keep appointments, but the officers install/inspect seats while  on duty and some rescheduling may be beyond their control.

Please contact Officer Dan Janeda, Project Coordinator to make an appointment 412.885.9300 x1735 or

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