Weekly Press Report Friday August 30, through Thursday September 5, 2019

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Grove Rd-

Vehicle struck parked car, no injuries

09-03-19  1155

Willow Ave-

Vehicle drove into PAT Memorial Park, no injuries

09-04-19  1602


Willow Ave-

M/53 arrested for DUI

08-31-19  2119

Thomas Rabatin

4462 1st St Bethel Park Pa 15102

Library Rd 3100BL-

F/44 arrested for Public Drunkenness

08-31-19  1514

Jenny Kalfut

3046 Canbet St Pgh Pa 15234

Castle Shannon Blvd-

M/18 cited for Underage Drinking and  Disorderly Conduct, F/32 cited for Public Drunkenness

08-31-19  0235

Shawn McClelland

1003 Castle Shannon Blvd Pgh Pa 15234

Brittany Eyrich

1031 Vermont Ave Pgh Pa 15234

Willow Ave-

M/80 arrested for Criminal Trespass

09-01-19  1900

Arthur Gillot

No Permanent Address

Shady Run Ave-

M/28 arrested for Drug Violations

09-03-19  0806

Robert Jacob

1236 Prospect Ave Pgh Pa 15234

Sleepy Hollow Rd-

M/32 arrested for Drug Violations

09-05-19  0000

William Schneider

314 Knoedler Rd Pgh Pa 15236

Grove Rd-

M/51 arrested for Public Drunkenness

09-05-19  1715

Joe Chiem

No permanent address


Castle Shannon Blvd-

Electronics stolen

08-30-19  2139


Elm St-

Shop Vac stolen

09-04-19  1413

Incident Date: 
Friday, September 6, 2019 (All day)


3310 McRoberts Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15234