Weekly Press Report Friday November 22 through Thursday November 28, 2019

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Cooke Lane-

Vehicles struck parked car, no injuries

11-22-19  1548

Grove Rd at McRoberts Rd-

2 Vehicles, 2 tows, 1 DUI, 1 cited for sign violation

11-22-19  1721

Castle Shannon BLvd-

Vehicle struck parked car and fled

11-24-19  1915

Chestnut St-

Truck vs. pole, no injuries

11-26-19  0941


Bockstoce Ave-

M/34 cited for Criminal Mischief

11-23-19  1600

Ian Faight

957 Bockstoce Ave Pgh Pa 15234

Mt Lebanon Blvd-

M/33 arrested for Public Drunkenness, False ID and Outstanding Warrant

11-24-19  0255

Cristopher Damerow

No permanent address

Grove Rd-

M/58 arrested for DUI

11-22-19  1721

Jon Augenstein

4238 Greenridge Rd Pgh Pa 15234

Library Rd 3300BL-

M/37 Warrant for Theft, Credit Card Fraud

11-25-19  1110

Jeffrey McLaughlin

521 Vermont Ave Pgh Pa 15045

Library Rd 3500BL-

F/32 arrested for False ID and Public Drunkenness

11-28-19  0250

Heather Polono

No Permanent Address

Killarney Dr-

F/67  arrested for Simple Assault

11-28-19  2336

Deborah Stepanek

849 Killarney Dr Pgh Pa 15234


Poplar Ave-

Identity Theft reported

11-22-19  1300

Library Rd 3200BL-

Credit Card Fraud

11-22-19  1205

Blossom Hill Rd-

Mail Fraud reported

11-25-19  1140

Mt Lebanon Blvd-

Theft from locker

11-25-19  0730

Mt Lebanon Blvd-

Check Fraud reported

11-26-19  1630

Incident Date: 
Friday, November 29, 2019 (All day)


3310 McRoberts Road
Castle Shannon, PA 15234