Weekly Press Report Friday November 29 through December 5, 2019

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Cooke Ln-

Vehicle struck parked car, no injuries

12-05-19  1040


Library Rd 3300BL-

F/34 arrested for Disorderly Conduct

12-01-19  0506

Kelly Little

2524 Sylvania Dr Bethel Park Pa 15102

Library Rd 4100BL-

M/29 arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Traffic Vioaltions

12-01-19  2039

Anthony Lumpkin

6157 Radford Dr Riverdale GA 30295

Library Rd 3600BL-

M/40 warrant for Theft of Vehicle

12-01-19  1638

Keith DeLong

665 Robinwood Dr Pgh Pa 15216

Library Rd 3600BL-

F/24 cited for Public Drunkenness

12-03-19  0205

Danielle Stubinger

3805 Middleboro Rd Pgh Pa 15234

Park Ave-

M/35 arrested for Outstanding Warrant

12-04-19  1317

Matthew Wright

900 Park Ave Pgh Pa 15234

Library Rd 3700BL-

M/60 arrested for Public Drunkenness

12-04-19  0200

David Schraeder

39 Woody Crest Dr Pgh Pa 15234


Sleepy Hollow Rd-

Phone Harassment

12-05-19  2159


Hoodridge Dr-

Attempt Social Security Phone Scam

12-03-19  1215

Incident Date: 
Friday, December 6, 2019 (All day)


3310 McRoberts Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15234