NEW Flashing Yellow Arrow Turn Signal


A Safer, More Efficient Left Turn Signal: Flashing Yellow Arrows

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is implementing a new type of traffic signal to provide a safer, more efficient left turn for motorists. The flashing yellow arrow indication is a new type of display that will replace the circular green indication for left turns at signalized intersections.

Benefits of Flashing Yellow Arrow

  • More intuitive to motorists
  • According to national data, can reduce left-turn crashes as much as 20%
  • Keeps traffic moving by offering motorists more opportunities to make left turns
  • Consistency with other states adopting the signal

The flashing yellow arrow is a new type of signal placed over the left turn lane at a signalized intersection. A flashing yellow arrow means YIELD to oncoming traffic and pedestrians and then proceed with caution. This indication replaces the common circular green indication for left turns.


Signal Display Changes: Traditional vs New Signal





Coming to an Intersection Near You

  • First deployment in Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County
  • PennDOT will monitor and adjust deployment tactics followed by widespread deployment for new and modified signalized intersections

More Information on Flashing Yellow Arrows

Looking for more information on the arrival of flashing yellow arrow to Pennsylvania? Please visit PennDOT’s Traffic Signal Portal’s Flashing Yellow Arrow page for graphics, a video and other resources. Scan this code with your smartphone or visit the “Traffic Signals, Management” page under “Travel In PA" at