Share the Road Safely with First Responders!!

Every day across America, distracted and uninformed drivers pose a major threat to the safety and wellbeing of first responders who risk their own lives on roads and highways to assist those involved in traffic incidents.   Every year, an average of 5 firefighters, 12 law enforcement officers, and more than 60 employees of state departments of transportation are struck and killed while working roadway incidents. The number of near misses and injuries is far higher, but unknown. Vehicle-related incidents are the second leading cause of firefighter deaths and the number one cause of law enforcement officer deaths.  Since March 21st when many of us first were impacted by the pandemic, four emergency responders (3 police officers, 1 tow operator) have been killed in secondary incident in the United States.

In the past 6 weeks, the Pennsylvania Turnpike has had three truck mounted attenuators (TMA) struck and in the past ten days a fire police vehicle, a Pennsylvania State Police vehicle and a fire engine were all struck at emergency scenes.

The traveling public is a vital partner in the effort to keep first responders safe by properly passing emergency scenes and giving roadway responders room to work. When the public is informed about and compliant with laws like Slow Down Move Over, refrains from distracted driving, and practices driving habits that enable them to safely pass emergency scenes on the roadway, first responders and the motoring public are both safer.  

Please drive safely.